Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Library school is busy, very busy when taking 5 classes, but it's not un-doable. I mean, it's not like getting a masters degree in art history where they flog you daily and make you feel like you are unworthy every nanosecond of your daily scourging (which lasts all day, if you didn't catch my drift). Anyway . . . Yes, library school is fun! Especially if you take a laptop to class and work ahead, hee hee hee.

Coming soon: the caricatures of library school professors.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

As the 7/13/06 blog posting says, "Another case of deaccessioning gone wrong." So true. Libraries don't need Shakespeare anymore -- who's our highest bidder??? See it here at New Criterion

Friday, April 28, 2006

Two fun links.
Library Lovers
a myspace group on and about libraries.

Phi Beta Kappa
a great podcast on the love of reading in the age of technology.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thing I heard while working the circ desk this week:

"Ma'am? Do you have any books about Captain Underpants?" Said by earnest young lad.

"I never even read the book! How could it have water damage?" Said by irate -- and innocent -- female patron.

"What exactly do I have to do to get a library card?" Said in hostile manner.

"Thank you, honey."

"Did that thing already scan the books?" quizzical.

"I had a book once, but I can't remember the title or the author." It's going to be all my fault.

"Do you have any poems? . . . Some of the one's I heard as a child." definitely going to be my fault.

"Two dollars a DAY???" Could count veins in forehead.

Great blog on public librarianship and other relevant musings:
Dispatches from a Public Librarian

See especially Dispatch 19 for a handy list of tips for entering library school.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Bourgeois Librarian spent the morning working at the branch library where she served not just the "public" but that special facet of the public, the "proletariat." No one really talked to her, choosing instead the other desk clerk. She did, however, check in 12 DVD rentals -- oops! I mean, check-outs (it's not like we're Blockbuster or anything -- or are we?), and a half-dozen or so erotic novels (that's the nice way of saying "smut"). Zane was particularly popular today.
Branch libraries must be suffered through. And remember, if it weren't for the public computer terminals, you would be out of a job, so pull out those guest cards and let 'em at it!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Bourgeois Librarian would like to apologize for her recent "loosing of her cool" in some rather frustrating technical blogging issues. Operator trouble strikes again.
On another note, have you ever noticed that public libraries are simply filled with too much "public"?
On another even more distant note, I must recommend
The Well Dressed Librarian blog
He truly understands the need for bow-ties and fountain pens. We understand.

ARG! The stupid little . . .! Blogger is not uploading properly and you may this posting may never make it to the final page. I think in a wild attempt to destroy the little ad that was looming over my text that I may have done serious injury to my blog. The Bourgeois Librarian may be geeky enough to be a librarian but not savvy enough to blog, evidently.

"Circulation, how may I help you?"
Thus began a long and painful phone conversation which proved to be the poor man's way to get free phone sex -- call a friendly library of course! Yes, the joys of public librarianship! Dull-witted, or trusting at any rate, that I am, I let this man drone on for ages before I realized what the "jelly-like" massage equipment was that he was describing. I told him it sounded like a reference question and transferred him. He hung up on the male librarian who answered the call.

In some sort of moment of weakness I clicked on something or other that promised to put advertisements on my blog, which would, of course, "make me money." Why I stooped so low, I know not. But The Bourgeois Librarian is sorry and feels that, well, it wasn't very bourgeois of her. If her meager abilities have succeeded, the annoying ad is now gone. However, if it still persists, you have her deepest apologies.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Welcome to my new blog, The Bourgeois Librarian. Actually, it's a bit of false advertising since I am actually not yet technically a "librarian;" I am merely a library student -- horror!
So, why the name "Bourgeois Librarian?" Well, being neither "conservative" (other than I like to conserve things) nor "liberal" (other than being liberated from blue-collar labor) -- I'm a monarchist -- I found that the first step in any librarian's blog is to determine which side of the fence you fall on. I considered calling my blog "Feudal Librarian," but that just didn't have quite the same tea-with-crumpets ring to it as "bourgeois." Yes, I'm exactly what Marx despised, and why aren't I landed aristocracy? We leave that mystery for another day.
Let's just say that when I'm Queen of the Library, Manga is gone, along with a horde of other literary screed; old books will be treasured and patrons will be sushed. Yes, perhaps I'm a biblio-tyrant, but what can I say, better to be bourgeois than bland.
Stay tuned and follow the career of an outspoken, extroverted, and fabulous . . . Bourgeois Librarian!