Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Library school is busy, very busy when taking 5 classes, but it's not un-doable. I mean, it's not like getting a masters degree in art history where they flog you daily and make you feel like you are unworthy every nanosecond of your daily scourging (which lasts all day, if you didn't catch my drift). Anyway . . . Yes, library school is fun! Especially if you take a laptop to class and work ahead, hee hee hee.

Coming soon: the caricatures of library school professors.


Anonymous said...

Love your site!

Anonymous said...

Working ahead? dear me. i should just IM you all day long and harass you. by the way..this is way off topic...but i have been thinking that many names for cocktails are very Un-bourgeois: For example, and I cringe: Sex on a Beach Doggie Style? Puh-leeze. Even if it was the best drink on earth, I simply could not bring myself to order a Menage' Trois? Maybe..does that exist in the cocktail world? If not, it should...a mixture of three wonderfully orgasmic alcoholic beverages. We need to start naming these things so snoots like us can order them...ha,ha! Okay, Ms. "Martin". Love to you. Ms. Morgan

Anonymous said...

i have something to say about your profile introduction.."take on the world in skirts, or not at all" you mean not take on the world at all or take on the world sans skirts...bare bummed? if i know's the latter! ;) ~Your girl in snobbery, Me.