Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thing I heard while working the circ desk this week:

"Ma'am? Do you have any books about Captain Underpants?" Said by earnest young lad.

"I never even read the book! How could it have water damage?" Said by irate -- and innocent -- female patron.

"What exactly do I have to do to get a library card?" Said in hostile manner.

"Thank you, honey."

"Did that thing already scan the books?" quizzical.

"I had a book once, but I can't remember the title or the author." It's going to be all my fault.

"Do you have any poems? . . . Some of the one's I heard as a child." definitely going to be my fault.

"Two dollars a DAY???" Could count veins in forehead.

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Anonymous said...

i hear you in these! i know who this unsuspecting nice girl is! Things I hear at my un-bourgois type job--phone customer service:

"These newspaper carriers are so stupid and losers--i suppose it's the only job they can get"--old lady to a former, college educated, fairly intelligent former carrier

"hi, i'd like to stop my paper, thanks" customer then hung up. great..MY fault certainly. no address, no name....

"Just shut up and take care of it"-cranky, irate man...heading up the church of Eternal Enlightenment--isn't this a happy place? hmmm. Ken Kesey would be bummed. Still searching for that enlightenment.

"I just can't understand why they don't give me the paper? It's the only bright spot in my life"-wow. depressing.

"Hey--are you free to go to California for a few days? My divorce was finalized and my dog and I are taking off"...surely from a man in need of, er, something.

"Hey, it's my beautiful, young girlfriend"-this must be standard line for men over 85 to say to young women who answer the phone-no less than 4 old men have said this to me--From the Eugene Sect of Snobbery