Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Bourgeois Librarian is on her way to a party. The BL is not entirely sure how she feels about parties -- they can be loads of fun, but then some can be frightfully depressing. Today's party will be in a foreign language -- literally -- and so she is a tad bit concerned. Speaking in a foreign language tends to be extremely exhausting, and since she knows hardly anyone at the party to begin with, she is likely to come home tired; too tired, perhaps, even to read (Gasp!).

The BL also has a confession to make. She has been very, very lazy these past few . . . er . . . weeks. But especially so these past few days. She has resolved to turn a new page and reform! Reform, I say! The success of this venture will be posted on in days to come. For now, with clean socks and nerdly attire she is ready to attend said party and do her best.

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